American Made Willow

American Made dairy goats is located in northern Arkansas, the heart of the Ozark Mountains.

I began raising cross bred and Nubian dairy goats in 2001, transitioning to the Alpine breed in 2008. The small herd of 12-14 does are raised on year round pasture. They are supplemented with high quality bermuda hay and grain during lactation. The priority is to raise healthy, happy breeding stock that milk well.

Alpine dairy goats are hardy, intelligent, and they very easy train. Most of
my does willingly jump up on the milk stand because they love to be milked.
I attend all kiddings, and imprint kids as they are born. All American Made dairy goats are raised as members of the family, and are handled multiple times daily.

Future plans for American Made goat milk include developing a product line of goat milk soap, lotions, and a variety of small batch artisan goat cheeses.

Farm visits are welcome by appointment.



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